How to use the platform?

Here’s a simple guide on how to use our tracing panel. Make sure to have a valid phone number (Country Code +Phone number), the system will run a database research before compressing the information and sending it to the signal center.

The first step is going to be about filling your phone’s information; you will only need to specify the phone number along with the country.

Selecting a country, decreases the processing time by limiting the search volume.

The system will try to create a secured connection with the satellite for the data exchange, after clicking on the “Trace” button.


After clicking on the “trace” button, the system will start the tracking process. It will start by connecting to the satellites and importing the encryption codes and the key chain.

Before triangulating the number’s position, the machine conducts a search in the number’s database to check the validity of the number you just entered. The panel displays an indicator, which shows the results of that research. If it is validated by the system, the tracking process will keep on going.


The signal center will send a compressed file containing the position of the phone that will be displayed on a map, as shown below.