The idea of creating such a platform came accidently. Our team worked on a surveillance software for a client. It also included the tracking feature, allowing a real-time positioning on the device.

While working on that project, one of our collaborators lost his cellphone. We tried many applications and software, all of the attempts were in vain. We resorted to the phone operator, knowing that they own the adequate infrastructure and has the right means to track the phone by the number. It wasn’t easy to convince them to do so, they kept sending us from a service to another out of laziness. After having multiple altercations and redacting many complains, they tracked the device of our collaborator who recovered his phone intact.

We knew that, considering the modern technology, it was not that difficult to offer such service. With the right contacts, we could conceive and build a platform to help people.

We aim at making a social impact, by helping people to retrieve their cellphone and prevent them from falling under non-reliable companies that are after their money.

If you have any question or proposition, feel free to contact us.