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Trace a phone number

It is very common for every individual in the 21th century to lose his phone. These little devices are so important and play a huge role in our daily lives, and yet we tend to lose them regularly.

To find it, there are not many alternatives. You can resort to classical methods: Visual memory, calling the phone and hoping to hear the ring.

It is also possible to use applications and software that provide tracing and tracking functionalities but their results are heavily questionable. Many companies have allegedly been accused of conducting illegal surveillance on their users. Moreover, the services they pretend to give are mostly not efficient and do only provide an approximate position.

We came up with a revolutionary tool that will surely make your life better. We offer one of the best and most useful functionalities for free. If you need a tool to trace a phone number, then you are at the right place.  Our simple-to-use platform is here to help you recover your lost phone. Whether, you forgot it somewhere or faced bad-intentioned individuals. It does not matter.

Our technology is reliable and do provide a very accurate position. Trace a phone number anytime, using any device and without having to pay a single buck? Yes, it is possible. From now on, you do not have to worry about find a device that you lost. We offer you a unique tracing functionality with modern standards.

How to trace a phone number

Many companies put at the disposal of the users who wants to trace a phone number multiple tools. Each tool depends on a specific type of technology.

The applications that you can download on Play Store rely on the global positioning system (GPS) through internet. The collected data is sent through internet (WIFI/ 4G/ 5G…) and cannot work without having internet access.

It means that if the cellphone you are trying to trace is not connected, you will not be able to get its position. Unless you are able to turn on the internet data exchange remotely, you have zero chance of tracing your phone.

Most of the operating systems use this concept to perform geo-positioning. It is simple to use and very accurate, but only works under internet connection.

One of the latest and most effective telecommunication technologies used for number tracing is the SIM card. That little device can store a huge amount of data. Data that we will use to generate the coordinates that refer to your cellphone’s position. Our platform uses this feature to offer you an exclusive phone tracing service within minutes.

All you have to do is access the tracing panel; an easy to use and simple platform connected to satellites and signal centers ready to process your tracking inquiries.

Enter your device’s number and click on the trace button to send the request to our servers. If it does match a real registered number within our database, our system will transfer the info to the signal center for processing. Many issues can show up during this process, especially problems related to the country code conformity. So, make sure to select the country where the phone is registered and do not forget to put the country phone code.

The data package containing your identity module’s information is compressed and sent to signal center in order to elaborate connection with the satellites.

The satellites will conduct a process that involves three active satellites plus one support satellite. This operation is mostly know as trilateration, and it is the most effective and accurate way to trace a phone number.

Trace a phone number in few steps:

  • Click on the “Trace A Phone Number” Button to access the tracking panel.
  • Enter the phone number that you want to trace. Make sure to add the country phone code and select the adequate country.
  • Start the tracing by clicking on: Trace.
  • The tracing panel will keep you informed of the advancement of each operation. The system will run a database research based on the country you specified to verify the identity of the owner. ( an identity verification may be required to avoid robots)

The panel will generate and display your GPS coordinates on a flexible MAP.


Trace a mobile number

It is one of the most useful services, as it helps the users with robberies, parental control and managerial issues. Each person will eventually face in his life a situation where he will need to trace a mobile number. You can’t trace a mobile number as easy as it is portrayed in movies, when the detectives are trying to keep the suspect in line for 30 seconds. In fact, the process is much complicated and require the mobilization of many assets. Moreover, the legislation can be a real obstacle to that, because having such tools at the disposal of everyone can damage the stability of a country. We will be having a paranoid life, checking constantly if we are being followed, if someone is conducting surveillance on us.

To avoid such problems, we implemented an identity verification process to limit the abuses. This measure is also protective against robots, who can exploit the system and harm our servers. Other people can automate systems and works as resellers of a free service. We want every person that wants to trace a mobile number, to be aware of its legal position and it is our rule to make sure that everything works in accordance with the law. We took care of building a system in full accordance with the laws, especially in our modern context when privacy and data are a big polemic.

So, take it easy and follow the instructions to trace a mobile number. We’ve put everything in order, and if something eventually goes wrong, your legal position is fully protected.

Start by accessing the tracing panel, where you should enter your device’s data. A comment section is available: if you have any question look among the comments, you may find your answer.

You can also post your question; you will get a response within 48 hours, or if you wish to keep a private contact, send a message through our contact section. Once, the tracking process is over, you may face an identity verification; it normally takes 2-3 minutes to complete it. Make sure to enter valid info and you will get redirected to a map that shows your mobile’s position.

Our Tool:

Trace a Phone Number Online

Trace-Phonenumber is an online tool that provides real time positioning on a global map. You can use this platform on any device (Mobile or Computer). As long as there is internet connection to reach our servers, it is possible to make a free phone tracing operation.

Working 24 hours on 24, our system is dedicated to fulfilling your tracing requests. We developed an automated and highly effective system that provide an accurate and precise phone tracing.

Our website will provide you with the essential information and simple guides to help you to trace a phone number online. You do not really need much technical knowledge to use the platform, but people get somehow confused because of the stress. That’s why, it was important to set up some guidelines and direct instructions for people who want to trace a phone number online.

Trace a phone number for FREE

This service is totally Free of charges. You will not need to pay a cent to get the precise location of a cellphone. Many companies charges huge amounts for this service, but in fact, they just resell this free functionality because they know that people are more likely to pay when it comes to personal data.

We know that losing your phone can a very sad experience, especially if your device contains important professional and personal data. That’s why we thought seriously about creating a website that could help you to track your phone using the number.

Thanks to modern technologies, it is getting easier and easier to track accurately any mobile device. The number of earth orbiting satellites is increasing significantly, creating a better telecommunication environment. Many phone operators consider putting into market the tracking functionality, if the legal environment allows it. In the meantime, you offer you the best and free alternative to trace your phone’s location.

Easy to use

This simple tool does not require extra information to operate. It is easy to use, leveraging the power of modern communication infrastructures to enable you to trace a phone number for free.

With no doubts, our software is the best In terms of phone tracing. You can trace a mobile with few clicks; all you need to provide is a correct phone number. In the previous version of Phonenumber-trace, users often found complexities when it comes to date entry. They forget to either put the country code or enter correctly the phone number that fits global tracing criteria. That is why we automated the system and developed its abilities to run data researches. This operation aims at enhancing the positive tracing status, as the system can’t function with distorted information.

Although, to avoid abuses we may require you to go through a verification process to make sure you hold the right to conduct a phone number tracing. Once, you complete it, you will automatically be redirected to a map that shows you precisely the position of your mobile.

High Accuracy

Before officially launching this service, our team ran multiple accuracy tests in order to determine the accuracy of the system. The results were overall positive; you can trace a phone number and expect to find its right position 95%. This percentage is not stable, it can decreased or increased if there are elements in the environment that affect the signal power.

Under rare circumstances, if the cellphone is within an environment that affects badly the power of the signal or kills it, it is hard or impossible to trace the phone number. It’s due to the fact that the system is based on GSM technology that only function within a signal eligible perimeter.

The high accuracy portrayed through a significant percentage of 95%, shows that this is one the strongest phone-tracking tool.

Anonymous Service

When conducting a phone tracking on a device (cellphone or tablet), the operations on the target device run in the background. It means that the person that is holding the phone or using it cannot be aware of this operation. The data is normally constantly sent to the signal center, a system removes the encryption to make it readable by our system. So, basically, the signal center is sharing the data with our platform who runs the rest of the tracking processes.

You are surely going to ask yourself if this is an invisible process, how I can know if my phone is not being tracked. Well, some tools detect those processes and make them visible. You should also consider, download a VPN to ensure more security through the data transmission.



This tool is compatible with the majority of the devices. Since, the producers adopted the global positioning technology, compatibility issues have importantly decreased. Nowadays, the entire phone companies and phone operators uses the same technology, the only thing that’s different is the branding. In terms of GPS, the service is the same. What can make the difference is the quality of the transmitters that enhance the signal power and thus offer greater accuracy.

You can find on the tracing panel, a list of our certified collaborators. Different manufacturers and phone operators all around the world, that use the same tracing funnel.

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